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Applet Tutorials: Book flip
Bookflip Applet

This applet displays series of images at a desired speed. Each image can be assigned a unique url so that you can use this applet as a menu.

[For more technical information about the available parameters, click here.]

First of all, most parameters are self-explanatory and you can always see brief description of each parameter by moving the mouse pointer over the wizard.

Here, you need to specify images to be shown. By clicking "Add" button, open file window, and you select desired image file as many times as you need.
You can change the order of displaying images by "Moving up" or "Moving down" image file names.
While selecting a image file name, you can specify a URL and a statusbar message.

Apart from that, you need to select filp modes from the combinations of flip in /out and staring flip position, that is,

There are possible eight flip modes:

0: IN -> up-right
1: IN -> down-right
2: IN -> down-left
3: IN -> up-left
4: OUT -> down-left
5: OUT -> up-left
6: OUT -> up-right
7: OUT -> down-right

Once you have added slideshow images, you can now configure filp animation in detail.

With "Frame speed", which takes a value from 1 to 128, you can determine the speed of changing images.

A higher value means rapid change.

With "Pause", you can decide how long an image is displayed before image shifting begins. A bigger value means a longer hold time.

"Extra height" decides the height of extra space between the applet size and an actual image size.

"Flip curve" ranging 1 to 10 changes the degree of curve when images shift, but it won't make much difference.

"Shading" values higher than 0 adds extra shading effect while image flipping.

With "Back colour", you can specify the applet background colour. However, this is only effective when you define "Extra height" higher than 0.

Finally, here is the "Resolution" parameter and the applet size. Resolution parameter decides how bigger the actual image is displayed.
For example, the value 3 gives three times as big image size as the actual image has. So, it works as a zooming parameter. Do not set too high value, unless you love terrible picture!

We have only discussed about the bookflip specific parameters. For generic parameters, please read wizard section.

Now go to expert menu and proceed your applet configuration.